Is it Magic or is it Chemistry?

We’re so excited to be launching our brand for young girls starting with our exclusive and elegant Flippy the Unicorn Blanket. Flippy is a dynamic character encouraging young girls to reach for the stars and that any goal is possible when you set your mind to it!


Welcome to Spark & Spire

Our mission is to produce premium products for young girls that inspire them with strong positive role models, a sense of adventure, and to show them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Our company is a family company, every aspect of the creations we make involve family input and are truly a product of our combined love and creativity. We hope to provide you with many awe-inspiring products, so stay in touch and check back often!

Safe, Fun, & Functional

As a company, it is our promise to bring you high quality children's products that are safe, fun, and functional.​

Empowering Girls

We may be a small company but we have a big message. Our goal is to produce products that empower and build independent, smart, and strong girls.

High Quality

Our products are only made with the highest quality materials, and more importantly safest fabrics that have been tested and quality controlled, mom approved!

Announcing Our Exclusive Brand!

Flippy the Unicorn Blanket

Meet Flippy the Unicorn Princess! Follow her on her adventures as she learns to put her fears aside to help those in need! Flippy is featured in our blanket line, one of multiple characters we plan to introduce. You can read more about Princess Flippy in the exclusive ebook featured with every blanket purchase.

Our high-quality exclusive blankets are now in stock!

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