Exclusive Elegance


Family Means Everything To Us

Thank you so much for your interest in our business and compassion and love for importance of family. We are Parker and Heather Gillis with a family of 3 girls! We could NOT believe we had all 3 girls! But the most important thing was, they were all healthy, sweet and fun loving and made our world. When we were pregnant with our second child, Parker was going through the police academy, but at the end of it, decided it was not right for our family.

At the time, we were selling on ebay casually part for fun and part for extra income. We decided to have Parker say at home and work on ebay increasing our sales from home, while being able to always be with our girls. I work as a physician Assistant in the Emergency Room, which I LOVE my girls and family are my world. I feel humbled and touched from the world of working in the medical field but the more I was away from the girls, the more I needed to be with them. As we grew our ebay, poshmark, mercari store, we moved to build our private label, Exclusive Elegance was born!

The girls have pushed us to work harder than ever to be with them as much as possible and develop the brand that we can be proud of. Every aspect of the creations we have made, has involved a family input and decision making, which will continue as the brand grows. The importance of raising strong minded, independent females is number 1 priority for us and a solid foundation of morals and kindness. We value and pride our products to have the highest standards for you and our family.